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I was born in Switzerland in 1991 and many years of inner as well as external growth paths have allowed this spiritual and transcendental work to unfold into a powerful and precise tool.

The connection to multidimensional and subtle levels have marked my memory already far back. After many beautiful memories at the age of 2-7 of encounters with elves, angels and ascended masters, there was also a time between 7-9 with astral encounters that were not so easy. 

Between 9-18 years, accesses to multidimensionality faded greatly into the background. This helped me to integrate more easily as a teenager in the current society and collective consciousness. After going on my first journey at the age of 19, I felt how I could open the space of the depth of life like a book. Thus, from one moment to the next, the veil fell and the subtle plane was fully perceptible to me again!

At this point, the presence and open awareness of my family was a huge gift and support. It was also important that a family friend shared his spiritual work with me. This contact point was very important during many years to strengthen and support my spiritual path.

Because my path is an inner path. Guided by initiations and teachings from spirit guides, ascended masters, archangels, etc. It is a lifelong training to be able to move consciously in spiritual spaces and multidimensionality and to apply healing keys through spiritual authorizations. 

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I have spent hundreds of hours in meditation/attunement, in which I still plunge into the depths of my human consciousness as if I were entering the depths of the ocean. I have traveled through countless countries, energy places and temples around the world, as well as in the spiritual planes. In parallel, I have strengthened my earthly grounding by dedicating myself to studying up to a Master's degree in Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Sustainable Development. In 2018 I was initiated into the current form the spiritual work with people. Especially since my life partner revealed himself, even deeper levels of my being have opened up through the healing spaces of dual souls. 

My spirit guides and guardians have always taken me lovingly by the hand. For the awakening consciousness of a human being needs the guidance of such entities in this phase of development. The multidimensionality of our being (light body, emotional body, psyche/synergy center, mental body, astral body, etheric body, physical body) is a fascinating and incredibly precise interplay of different frequency spaces.
When we awaken into conscious awareness of these aspects of our being, great movements and synchronization processes occur. I have always had strong reactions after significant openings. Sometimes my body was overwhelmed. Sometimes my psyche was overwhelmed. Sometimes the many perceptions were overwhelming for my emotional body. Some initiations were so strong that I had to recover from them for several years :).

Today, after 13 years of intensive training of the spiritual world, it is felt to be only a beginning of a long, devoted way of life. It is the call of my soul to experience self-liberation and potential unfoldment. The releases of the love of Unity Consciousness have touched me so deeply, the visions of the Golden Age have moved me so strongly, and the power of heart opening has inspired me so much that there is no turning back. 

And so I learned - and continue to learn daily - to trust my own truth on this path of Conscious Being. To let my higher self take the driver's seat again. Because when these levels are in harmony again, a wonderful, almost indescribably great potential unfolds in us humans. This is the origin of the work you will find on this website. It is an expression of what I am and what I live.
It is an honor for me to meet you there on your own path.

With love,

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