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The coaching is a transformative assistance and consultation for individuals, organizations, companies who want to express their potential on their own path in the transition to the new Golden Age. 

The time since the "Corona Crisis" shows us clearly that all pillars that are not in harmony with the earthly laws of Oneness Consciousness are shaking and no longer offer stability in their old form.  

We are guided by the question, what hinders the true unfolding and how is the system of bureaucracy, money, etc. surrounding us brought into harmony with the spiritual laws and the essence of love. 
If the dream of creation and our individual dream come to one level, the uncovered power of creation is immeasurable and all boundaries (structures) rearrange themselves. 

Only by taking into account all levels of our being, the holistic potential can develop holistically and sustainably in the sense of the new spirit of the times. 


In the channeling consultation we receive the insights to get to the energetic roots that are pointing in the wrong direction. Through the insight into different perspectives of spiritual laws we receive valuable information about higher contexts and backgrounds.

In the space of our multidimensional being effective changes can be accomplished. With the tools of spiritual healing it leads us further to the emotional and physical levels, until we arrive with concrete measures and possibilities for the implementation of the desired transformation into true being. 

In the vessel and language of current scientific approaches in Sustainable Development & Social Anthropology (Master University of Bern*) we work on concepts and models that are naturally brought out into the world and implemented. 


Do you want to know more? then contact me here.

*Link to scientific thesis & papers on Sustainable Lifestyles, Ecovillages, Ecological Anthropology, Alternative Economies etc., on researchgate.

Coaching - holistic potential unfolding
for You or company/project


Practical Info

The duration is 1.5h-2h depending on the course of the session and is 160.-CHF/ hour in exchange.

More information here.

All offers can be booked online via Zoom or phone sessions. Since we work in the subtle levels, the spiritual healing and all energetic configurations can also happen over the distance. 



The orientation and inspiration Selina Shyama gave to the Waldhaus Future Project 2018-2019 led us all to a new understanding of future visions - for our seminar center and our private lives! Her social-anthropological study and sensitive perspectives have given us new insights and directions to help us identify future possibilities ourselves. During one year she collected data and made them available in a transdisciplinary way - a holistic balance between scientific and intuitiv approach was the result. Her aim was to understand our own perspectives and processes in order to reveal the harmonious order of organizations. Her questions revealed limiting beliefs, and her advice illuminated a clear path to the next steps. This "transformation project" has given us a deeper understanding of what part we can bring to this vision and what actions we want to take next.

Waldhaus Zentrum Lützelflüh

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