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Spiritual guidance to the true Self


The focus of this spiritual healing work is the specific uncovering & resolution of old wounds & traumas on all levels of our multidimensional being.


All beings are going through a fundamental change in these times, inside as well as outside.

Protective walls of old traumas and blockages enclose and separate the direct connection to our true self, the crystalline core of our being. This results in the loss of the essential fundamental trust in our own creational power under the protection of divine love. It deprives us of the ability to feel true compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings, for Mother Nature and all that is subtle on earth.

When the outer security structures crumble, we are confronted with our vulnerability and sensitivity, and when we engage with it, new levels of our deep and complex existence are revealed.


The spiritual world provides us with tools to find our way back to the pure power of our true self more deeply and faster.

Through this CONNECTION comes the unfolding of the holistic potential, the awakening of the primordial trust, the opening of our heart. On the way to the dawn of the enlightenment of the human soul.


Like an onion, we shed layer after layer in individual sessions (1.5h) and get in touch with our true self.

Usually we start with a channeling session to clearly illuminate the current issue and to show the healing path. Many issues are deeply seated and we go over different paths indicated by the spiritual world until your connection to yourself blossoms again.


The focus is on conscious uncovering of entanglements, as well as a form of spiritual surgery: karmic and traumatic dissolutions of information codes in our subtle bodies, energetic reconfigurations of the sacred order of our bodies, contacts with spirit guides, unborn souls, deceased etc., new configurations on the 12 chakra system, as well as healings of blockages of our emotional body. These are just some of the contents of what can happen in the sessions. The power of the higher realms and the space of love are limitless. You will intuitively feel how many sessions you need.

Do you need a closer and more mundane coaching for you or your business/project? Then you can read more about holistic coaching here.



The purpose of the channeling sessions is to support the holistic unfolding of people's potential by consciously experiencing together the resolution and uncovering of karmic and traumatic entanglements. At this point it is important to understand that spiritual work is always a support in the healing process. This means that the person must be actively involved in this process and he must implement his learning steps himself. By means of information about backgrounds and connections, dissolution of entanglements, and the restoration of the 'sacred order' in the energy body, the course is set so that the person can ultimately heal himself. 

The session flow is such that questions can be brought along where it would be helpful to illuminate them from a spiritual perspective. For example, this can also be in the direction of people wanting to strengthen their own contact with their spirit guides or spiritual origins on their path. In these moments, I act as a channel in which I tune in and connect with my spirit guides.

In order for a healing to be grasped in its depth and wholeness, energetic work is consulted, as this is where I can work most effectively with my instruments.

Healing - what do I mean?

The paradigm of mediality and healing work is permeated with many prejudices and stereotypes. 

But healing means nothing else than that something is healed again, something becomes whole again. In this sense they are not miracles, but rather an expression of natural processes. All life on earth can be traced back to small atoms that generate a vibration in their own frequency. In this sense, 'subtle' spheres also have their frequency and are just as real - but they cannot all perceive. What now happens in energy work is that the frequency is changed. Through blockades the vibration at this point changes to a low vibrating frequency. By dissolving the blockage and drawing on high vibrating frequencies, separated parts in the system become a unit again. 

Energy harmonization

Almost every human being at these days, as an expression of our age, has an energy body that is not completely healed. If you consider the human activity in the past 2000 years or look into the newspaper of today, this makes perfect sense. Our consciousness is permeated by the principle of separation, which ultimately affects our individual being, our subtle bodies.


Since the physical body is the equivalent of the spiritual, subtle energy body, it is important to start at this level. Because a blockage - triggered by traumas, entanglements, etc. - has the effect that emotional outbursts occur or illnesses. This is because a non-functioning chakra cannot transmit life energy to the body.

With this in the background, I was trained by the spiritual world to let its instruments work through me with great precision and attentiveness. Through my clairvoyance and mediumship, I know at every moment and every movement exactly what is being triggered on the subtle level. The careful consideration of all spiritual laws and rules is central. In this sense, every healing process of a human being takes place in exactly its appropriate and perfect rhythm following its life plan.


Touching the emotional and physical body is an important part of this healing path. The more dense our bodies become, the more lethargic and slow the healing takes place. To make sure that all resolutions can flow off completely, the opening of the 'emotional water tap' is elementary, otherwise the energy flow of the moving system of the human being gets dammed up. For this purpose, I guide a form of 'trance meditation' under the instructions of the spiritual world, to lead unlived feelings and wounded soul aspects to its right place.

Practical Info

A session lasts about 1.5h and is 130.- CHF /hour in exchange. 

--> possible payment methods: cash, twint or bank transfer

All offers can be booked online via Zoom or phone sessions. Since we work in the subtle levels, the spiritual healing and all energetic configurations can also happen over the distance. 

Please be on time in your own interest. 

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise, you may be charged for the appointment.


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