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Deva Talk


All life on earth is based on subtle energies and information. That means, just as human beings have a soul, so does nature. Depending on the purpose and origin of the subtle energies, their expression and form are different. Accordingly, there are various forms of consciousness in our earthly creation. Natural beings for example move in the different dimensions/spheres with different tasks. The denser the light dimensions are, the more individual their expressions become. Accordingly, the vibration and task of an elf is different from that of a Faun. Both, however, are guardians of nature.

The animation of the plants takes place through devas. Devas are angelic beings of light, which are very subtle and have less individual forms such as elves. Their task is to fill and connect the earthly architectural plans with their energies consisting of pure life force and specific light essences.
In this sense, they are collective, higher-order forms of consciousness, which unite the subtle and material architectural plans through their weaving of light. As such, a deva is an angel of creation.

With these angels of creation I am in touch since my childhood. Be it with the angels of creation who are involved in a birth, or those who spirit a flower. With this background the project DevaTalk was born. It is about creating a harmony - a unity - between the spiritual equivalent and matter in gardens, estates, properties etc..

This is done through communication with nature beings on all light levels and the perception of earth lines and sites of energy. Through our loving, conscious opening to these subtle vibrations, the nature beings can step out of their spiritual realms and manifest again on the earthly level. At present, these spaces are very limited because our collective consciousness has become very closed to the subtle. Therefore, they have retreated and manifest only at certain times when people are at rest. However, in order for a collective increase in vibration to take place, there is a need for the manifestation of their finest vibrations on earth.


Would you like to reconnect with the nature beings and devas in your garden, property or lands? With pleasure we can look together how a common project can look like. You can contact me here.

Practical Info

The design of these projects is very individual. An indication is the rate of 130CHF per hour.

For place clearings, the calculation is depending on the time effort. I charge at least 3h fixed rate (390CHF), as there is work before and after the session involved. (I contact the Devas on site before the session as well as afterwards to support the process of raising the vibration). 

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