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to the space of multidimensionality and oneness consciousness

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The focus of this spiritual healing work is the specific uncovering & resolution of old wounds & traumas on all levels of our multidimensional being.

The spiritual world provides us with instruments that enable us to find the way back to the pure power of our true self more radically and quickly.

Through this CONNECTION it comes to the unfolding of the holistic potential, the awakening of the fundamental trust, the opening of our heart. On the way to the dawn of the enlightenment of the human soul.

You can find a more detailed description of the content and process here.

Spiritual guidance through pregnancy & birth

Coaching for holistic potential development is a profound transformation process. Through the different perspectives of spiritual laws, our multidimensional being as well as current scientific approaches of sustainable development & social anthropology, we work out together how the holistic potential of the human being or a project/company can unfold entirely and sustainably according to the new spirit of the golden age.

You can find more information here.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

This spiritual work offers the opportunity for expectant mothers and fathers to bring more clarity to the complex and miraculous creation process of birth. This can be a communication with the unborn soul, healings of the energy body, as well as spiritual insights & resolutions of connections and causes of certain topics that arise in the time of the


The more free and cleared the spiritual birth canal is, the more freed the birth can be and the newly arriving soul is detached from the issues of the parents.

With this background, the work is also aimed at women/parents with an unfulfilled wish for a child, abortions or when the child has been lost.

You can find more info here.


The realms of the subtle world touch all areas of life. The greatest being of creation is our earth. Every plant, every flower, every tree is inhabited with a very specific energy and light essence and is surrounded by guardians of nature like fauns, elves etc.. 
Especially devas, the Angels of Creation of Nature, are of great importance in this context. Because they weave the subtle and material dimension to a unity. 
Would you like to get back in touch with the subtle entities that live in your garden, that you encounter while walking in the woods or that guard your entire property? 

You can find more information here.

Let your life be that of a rose -
in silence
it speaks the language of fragrance


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